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About us

MeyerHaugen ble stiftet i 2018 med mål om å sette standarden for fremtidens rekruttering. Siden etableringen har vi opplevd en kraftig vekst. I dag er vi 19 ansatte lokalisert i Vika, i Oslo.

Vi jobber målrettet med å utfordre rekrutteringsbransjen ved å tenke nytt om hvordan rekruttering kan forbedres og forenkles. Gjennom vår sandkassetilnærming har selskapet kontinuerlig testet nye metoder og tilnærminger i jakten etter bedre og mer hensiktsmessige måter å kople mennesker og muligheter på. Dette har ledet til arbeidsmåter som skiller oss fra mange av våre konkurrenter:
  • We produce tailor-made job podcasts in collaboration with the company's recruiting managers for all positions. These podcasts ensure a larger pool of relevant candidates to choose from, and candidates consistently exhibit higher motivation for the positions
  • We prioritize the candidate experience and measure it throughout our processes. Additionally, all candidates who receive rejections during the process are offered a complimentary digital job seeker course
  • Our marketing department creates effective campaigns based on return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We use artificial intelligence and and machine learning to optimize all social media campaigns
  • We produce The Top Management Podcast og The Recruitment Counsil, where we share insights expertise
  • We have a consistent focus on sustainability and the environment. For instance, we are 100% paperless and proudly certified as a Miljøfyrtårn (Eco-Lighthouse) company.
  • We have a strong professional community with DNV GL-certified recruiters, placing a significant emphasis on skill enhancement and further education.

Our values

MeyerHaugen is a professional team that is sensere, challenges and meets everyone with respect.


Professionalism is about having high level of competence and integrity.

Professionalism is the core that ensures value for our customers, candidates, and employees. By focusing on delivering quality at every level, we lay the foundation for strong relationships and value creation.


Sincere communication is open and honest, without hidden motive. Sincerity ensures that MeyerHaugen is remembered as a reputable recruitment company. We aim to be genuine and will never intentionally conceal anything. This is our guiding principle in interactions with candidates, clients, and colleagues.


To set the standard for the future of recruitment, we must challenge established truths. Since our incorporation, MeyerHaugen has cultivated a culture that dares to fail in order to discover new ways of working. This also requires us to challenge each other and our clients, and to stand by our beliefs. Sometimes, this even requires us to challenge ourselves.


A community is stronger than individuals standing alone.
When you work at MeyerHaugen, you are not alone. We work independently, towards a common goal, and by helping each other, we reach that goal. The sense of community ensures that we deliver value to clients and candidates. One for all – all for one.


Respect is about valuing differences and understanding that others' perspectives have value.
We believe in diversity. We aim to hire individuals with different perspectives and varied experiences. Respect is a fundamental building block for succeeding in a safe culture where employees, clients, and candidates can be themselves and feel valued.

Our people