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Change jobs?

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Change jobs?

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Change jobs?

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The process of changing jobs usually goes through four phases. First you have to find out what you want, and then you have to find a relevant job that is available.The process of changing jobs usually goes through four phases. First you have to find out what you want, and then you have to find a relevant job that is available. When you have found a job to apply for, you must write an application that ensures you will come to an interview. And finally, you have to master the interview. On this page, we collect information that can help you succeed as a job seeker.   


I´m ready for another job
but I dont know what.

The first step on the way to a new job is about finding out what you want. Do you want to develop yourself? Or have you found yourself in a situation where you have to find a new job, but want to try a new field of work?

Figuring out what the next job is for you can be difficult, but the better you understand what you want, the easier it is to find jobs to apply for. Awareness of motivation makes it easier for others to help you, and is absolutely central to actually getting the right job.



Kurs søke jobb

We offer physical and digital jobseeker courses to help you make your competence as a jobseeker visible.

LinkedIn is one of several tools recruiters use to find relevant candidates for positions. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is relevant and up-to-date.




I know what I want, but
how do I find the right job to apply to?

It can be difficult enough to navigate the job market, and in addition, not all positions are actually advertised. How do you apply for these positions?

Recruiters use, among other things, LinkedIn to find relevant candidates. It is therefore important that you have an updated and relevant LinkedIn profile, so that we can find you when we are looking for candidates.


Job openings are "fresh produce".On our sites you will find the job openings we´re curently working with. If you cant find the right job for you, you may also chose to register your CV in our database. 


I have found the job,
but how do I increase the chance to get to an interview.?

Perhaps you are already daydreaming about your new working life. Between you and the interview stands a good application and CV. How can you stand out in the crowd of job seekers?

The CV makes visible what skills and experience you have with you. The application should show a bit of your personality and tell what motivates you. It is the link between you and your CV. Both application and CV must show why exactly you are relevant for the job you are applying for. If you really want to submit a good application, you must understand what the employer is looking for. Here you will find help to write a good CV and application.




CV Checklist

Make sure that both your CV and application are adapted to the position you are applying for.

Interview preparation

Coming prepared to an interview can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

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Course about video interviews


I´ve been called to an interview – how can I prepare?

Finally, you´ve got the invitation! However, the interview process can be demanding. You meet people you don't know before, who will assess whether you are the best candidate for the job.

Those candidates who do best in the interview are well prepared, are aware of what motivates them, are themselves, and are focused on the job they are applying for. Read up well in advance and practice the interview setting. Also think carefully about what is important for you to get answers to during the interview.

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