Internal Governance plays a vital role in ensuring effective, timely, and formal decision-making throughout the bank. It encompasses the internal governance structure, including management and board committees, as well as charters and principles. Additionally, it involves managing and enhancing the bank's internal regulations through the utilization of steering documents, thereby promoting sound risk management. The overarching objective of internal governance is to facilitate efficient decision-making and maintain compliance with decision-making and steering documents.

The Board of Directors (BoD) secretary must ensure good communication and structure between the Board of Directors (BoD), Board Committees, and Management within the bank. This entails managing meeting logistics, facilitating board meetings, including board meetings in the Finish subsidiary (SCF OY BoD) , and providing guidance to presenters in their preparations.. Furthermore, the BoD secretary is accountable for preparing and proposing annual plan in accordance with the BoD charter, policies, legal, and regulatory requirements. The BoD secretary  also contribute to the continuous improvement of processes by establishing and maintaining governance frameworks and procedures for the Board, including the BoD of the Finish subsidiary, with a focus on enhancing efficiency and quality.

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Tasks and responsibilities in the role include:

Internal Governance

BoD secretary


This role is an ideal fit for passionate individuals who excel in delivering results, have a service-minded approach, embrace challenges, and demonstrate a strong drive to exceed expectations. Effective communication, exceptional teamwork, and a proactive mindset are essential attributes for success in this position.
When evaluating candidates, we will emphasize the following experience, traits, and qualifications:


This position can be located in one of our Nordic locations, Hvidovre, Lysaker, Stavanger, Solna or Helsinki. 


We offer a very interesting role where you can develop yourself and get insights in strategies, regulations and different committees.

If you have the right profile and enthusiasm, please submit your application and CV as soon as possible, but no later than 13.08.2023. If you have questions, feel free to contact Gunn Løland at or +47 97540061.