Meet the candidates where they are

70-80% of candidates on the labor market are not active job seekers. They do not seek out job advertisements or job boards. This means that we have to seek out the candidates where they are. 

Our vision is to set the standard for tomorrows recruitment. That means to deliver the best marketing campaigns in the industry:

  • Increased visibility for both the job opening and your company
  • Employer branding-effect
  • Synergies with candidates search: candidates who are contacted via the search process  
  • Increased candidate supply with higher quality
  • Effect on the bottom line
  • Value: our advertising options have been put together to provide the best possible value for your recruitment process

Recruitment marketing

This is how it works

Digital marketing is marketing via paid online channels. It could, for example, be a banner on an online newspaper, a text on Google or an image carousel on LinkedIn. We most often use advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, because it is the most cost-effective for our customers.


Users and visitors online leave behind many digital footprints, such as information about age, education, profession, workplace and interests. Gatherings this information, users are divided into different segments or groups. We are free to choose the right target group for your campaign. This way we ensure that relevant candidates see your advert and we don't spend money on irrelevant candidates seeing the advert.


The marketing advertisement leads the candidates to our websites, where the candidates have the opportunity to get to know your company better, listen to podcasts and see pictures and/or video. We also have the opportunity to "retarget" those candidates who have visited our websites, with advertisements in other channels at a later time. 



Contact our Digital Specialist to find out which marketing strategy we recommend for your recruitment process.

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Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more about how we work with digital marketing or have any other questions regarding marketing or job advertisements? Feel free to reach out to our Digital Specialist.