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We help our customers with recruitment for demanding specialist, managerial and top management positions in the public and private sector. Our main focus is in the fields of IT and digital, commercial and administrative positions, as well as engineering and energy. We help our customers identify, quality check and hire the right person for the job. After mapping the role you are recruiting for, we carry out targeted searches and contact relevant profiles for the role. Through a facilitated recruitment and executive search process, you will meet qualified candidates who are motivated for a dialogue about the job. We help you select and recruit the candidate who has the right motivation, competence and personality for the role you are hiring for.

Most of the assignments we solve are challenging roles and place great demands on our recruiters. Our recruitment methodology is effective across industries and adapted to fit both the private and public sector. Our recruiters have experience with recruitment within IT, the digital sector, communication, politics, public relations, the construction industry, sustainability, HR, management, sales, finance, energy, logistics, industry, engineering and a number of other areas.


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Job podcast as a tool in the recruitment process

The candidates concerned to find out how it really is to work with your company. They are not just wondering what tasks are to be solved and what qualifications you are looking for. They wonder why they should choose this particular job, and not least they wonder who they will work with. As part of the recruitment process, we record a job podcast about the role you are hiring for. This ensures that the candidates get a "Realistic Job Preview" (RJP) and choose you on the right terms.

The job podcast is a casual conversation with the recruiting manager about the job vacancy. The job podcast provides relevant candidates with more information about the position than classic job advertisements and candidate letters. The job podcast helps ensure that the candidates you meet know more about the role, the organization and the hiring manager than other candidates.

Recruitment - Q&A

MeyerHaugen has a candidate-centric recruitment process. Our job is not only to help you choose the right candidate for the position you are recruiting for - it is also to help the candidate choose the right one. To succeed in this, we focus on mapping areas that are important to candidates, and then communicate these credibly. Honest, respectful and sincere candidate communication from the first contact, through interview rounds and in final negotiations, contributes to the right candidate choosing you as their new employer.

We aim to complete all recruitment processes in eight weeks, from start-up meeting to signed candidate. We often reach this goal, but not always. How long an assignment actually takes will be affected by when in the month the assignment starts, how accessible you as a customer are throughout the process, how demanding the candidate market is for this particular role, and how strong your employer value proposition (EVP) to the candidates is. At the start of a process, we will share our assessments of when you can expect a signed candidate and a project plan for the recruitment or executive search process.  

We recruit specialists and managers in several different industries. We also do executive search. Before we take on a recruitment assignment, we always make an assessment of whether we will be able to solve the assignment effectively. The candidate market, the employer's brand, salary conditions and other factors are relevant factors that are assessed before we say yes to an assignment. We must ensure that we have the relevant expertise and capacity to solve the assignment effectively. We must also ensure that we have available advisers with the competence to solve the assignment. Our aim is to ensure that we do not sell assignments we cannot solve. This means that we sometimes say no to assignments, but it also contributes to the fact that we very rarely make mistakes with the recruitments we take on. 

Executive search is a recruitment service where the goal is to hire a top management profile such as a CEO or other senior management roles. Some executive search processes are for positions where the job advertisement is not published to the public, but is only shared with relevant candidates. 

Rekruttering Oslo


We help you evaluate existing processes to find specific measures and tools that provide better results and a comprehensive candidate experience

If you want a more digital recruitment process, we can help you find the important balance between high tech and high touch, whether it concerns advertising, communication, choosing a recruitment system or piloting new technology.


What can we help you with?


We help you communicate a message in the right way, whether it concerns employer branding strategy, recruitment communication, competitor analysis or content production. 


Get in touch if you want to highlight the company's culture and management, communicate your brand as an employer, or write better job advertisements that attract relevant applicants.

Advisory - Q&A

As an employer, quality in recruitment is obviously about ensuring that the right person gets the job. To be successful, the recruitment work must ensure a good enough supply of candidates, through advertising, recommendations or direct contact. In addition to this, the recruitment process must ensure that the candidate who is hired meets the organisation's needs. On the way to a successful recruitment, the experience of all involved parties must be taken care of. Good recruitment should ensure a good candidate experience, managerial experience, reference experience and recruiter experience.

MeyerHaugen has developed consulting methodology for some of the most common challenges that organizations experience. This enables the efficient implementation of projects that contribute to evaluating recruitment processes, evaluating existing recruitment communication, or defining a good employee promise (employer value proposition). For less defined issues, we help organizations define goals and success criteria in customized consultancy projects that boost the organisation's recruitment.

Recruitment is a professional field that has undergone major changes in recent decades. The candidate market has changed, and the balance of power has largely shifted from employer to employee. For many organisations, the lack of qualified employees is an obstacle to growth and quality. Many organizations will be able to improve the effectiveness of their own recruitment by setting up more efficient and candidate-oriented recruitment processes, improving managerial competence in recruitment, or working targeted with employer branding and recruitment communication. We help you analyze your company, create strategy and measures to get more future applicants to your organisation.

Courses and workshops

We conduct courses and lectures for both employers and job seekers. The courses are conducted physically or digitally. Professional insight combined with good course methodology means that we can tailor courses to what your organization needs. Feel free to get in touch for an assessment of how we can tailor courses or lectures for you and your organisation.

30% of all job applicants in Norway do not receive a reply to their application!

No organization want job aplicants to have a bad impression of their organization after a recruitment process.

Still, there are so many job seekers who do not receive a response to their application. And this does not only apply to the job application - as many as 28% of everyone who has been to an interview does not hear back from the employer after the interview.


The candidate survey "Kandidatundersøkelsen"

1 in 5 who start a new job says the job was worse than expected

20% of new employees believe that the job they got was worse or much worse than they expected.

This can be due to many things. One of them is that employers often focus too much on selling the job. By focusing on Realistic Job Preview - honest and relevant information about the job - you will increase the chance that those you hire will actually succeed in the job.


The candidate survey "Kandidatundersøkelsen"